Leading in a Crisis Virtual Summit Exclusive Offer of the Day: Free HR Analysis Report and Debrief

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Working Remotely and Virus Protection Microlearning - Free Training Bundle to Share with Your Employees

Free Ethical Snapshot Video: Virus Protection and Working Remotely Training Bundle

We have partnered with Syntrio to provide you with a Free Training Bundle including three video courses, available via URL on any web browser:

  1. Microlearning for Managers: Supervising Remote Employees
  2. Microlearning for Employees: Work Habits of Remote Employees
  3. Ethical Snapshot Video: Virus Prevention

The short, flexible video-based snippets within the Virus Prevention video is an easy way to familiarize employees with your company's virus protection policies, remind employees of the importance of cleanliness and virus protection, and ensure your team knows you are committed to a safe working environment.

BOGO: Virtual Training - From Conflict, to Crisis Management, to Resilience and more.

Buy One, Get One Free - Virtual Training

Buy one qualifying, virtual training course and get a second for free. Use both virtual training events for your team or share it with another team in your company!

Topics Include: - Crisis-Management and Emotional Intelligence - Leading with a Cool Head and a Warm Heart - Managing Conflict During Times of Crisis - Crisis Communication Plans - Informational Succession Planning - Preparing: Layoff, Downsizing, Outplacement & Remorse - Managing a Newly Remote Workforce - Neuroleadership & Employee Motivation - Leading through a Crisis - Trust: When It Matters Most - Fast-tracking Strategic Foresight - Maximizing Performance During Unexpected Complexity - Business Continuity 101 - Serving & Working with Clients Differently - Adaptability, Self-Control, Relationship Management & Resilience - And, more.

We are in this together. This is not a time for panic, but a time of refocusing, structure, and clarity of purpose. We can get you there.

Buy One, Get One Free - Virtual Training

Free - Working From Home Assessment Report

No Cost Work From Home Psychometric Assessment and Report

New Working From Home Assessment will help you Respond to the Pandemic and Support Your Team.

Struggling because of COVID-19? Let’s figure it out.

Is your business struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic? If it is, you’re not alone.

Working remotely is a huge transition for teams used to office life, and your communication might be suffering as a result of distance and change. We don't have our peers, leaders, and other influencers around us to help point out when we need course-correction. Let me help you make it easier.

We want you to be successful and come out on the other side of this in a positive way. Our assessment partners have been working nonstop to create resources that we can give our clients and colleagues, so we are excited to share this with you.

The Working From Home report is a new assessment tool developed by TTI SI that will give you and your team the gift of self-understanding.

This is a good-will offering at no cost to help people master this unprecedented crisis.

Inside the report, you’ll find:

  • Personalized work from home tips based on your unique behavioral style.
  • How to communicate with your team when everyone is WFH.
  • Awareness of your strengths and weaknesses and how to manage them.
  • Any necessary course-corrections specifically for you.

Interested? Just click below for the assessment. All you need is ten minutes, and best of all, this assessment is entirely free!

Work From Home Psychometric Assessment and Report

FREE -- HR Financial Analysis Report & Debrief

Our HR analyst friends at Insperity will facilitate your HR budget details ​and prepare a confidential report and debrief.  

  • Gain insight into the real cost burden of being an employer
  • Identify the costs associated within the life cycle of your employees
  • Compare your HR strategy and budget against successful organizations
  • Learn from expert HR analysts
  • Align your HR strategy with best-practices

Free HR Budget Analysis Report and Confidential Debrief